A shipping essential – Poly Mailer Envelopes

Our Poly Mailers are waterproof and durable, making it your best choice for shipping books, clothing or any product. They are postal approved to ship via USPS or any other courier service.

Poly Mailer Envelopes are much lighter than bubble padded envelopes which will save you money on the postage cost. Poly mailers are also easy to write on and mark. Use a pen or permanent marker and it won’t rub off.

The adhesive tape is strong and secure so you don’t need to put any extra layers of tape to seal the poly envelope.
Additionally, these poly bags won’t ruin or rip during transit like paper envelopes.
The only shortcoming of the strong seal is that the poly mailer envelope gets destroyed after a single use; however, the guaranteed protection is worth it.

Your customers will appreciate their order arriving in a high quality fashion!


2 thoughts on “A shipping essential – Poly Mailer Envelopes

  1. Hey great thread. It has been seen that Poly Mailers provide superior tear and puncture resistance which protect products from moisture during shipping. These economical, high quality poly mailing bags are perfect for shipping a wide variety of non-fragile items. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey nice info. Well Poly Mailers are an excellent and economical way to ship almost anything. These inexpensive poly mailing bags are most suitable for shipping different variety of non-fragile items. I highly acknowledge your proficient approach. Keep sharing such more.

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