Pink Anti-Static Bags – It’s not just for the color!

You would be amazed at the percentage of customers that purchase bulk anti-static bags for the pink color only!

The actual use for the bag is to shield components that are susceptible to damage caused by electrostatic discharge. The bag safeguards from static build-up keeping your products safe for transporting.

Our stock anti-static bags are an attractive pink color which helps differentiate from the regular wholesale plastic ziplock bags. These protective bags are available in a variety of sizes for your electronic packaging. We currently stock the bags with a resealable closure and will soon be adding open end anti-static bags to our inventory.

pink anti static ziplock bag

3 thoughts on “Pink Anti-Static Bags – It’s not just for the color!

  1. Hey great thread with interesting stuff. Well it has been seen that an antistatic bag is used for shipping components, which are prone to damage caused by electrostatic discharge. These bags are specially treated so that they act as non conductor of electricity and can store ample of electronic material. Keep sharing such more.

  2. I recently came across this blog post and found much interesting and useful information. No doubt, antistatic bag used for shipping works. These bags are particularly treated simply as it helps to accumulate sufficient quantity of electronic material. Keep up the good work continues.

  3. Thank you so much for this info. Of course, pink packets have made a good market value and also it has awesome features. It protects the electronic devices with the help of zip lock feature. That’s why it is most demanded.

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