Heat Sealing Machine

Are you looking for a simple way to professionally package your items?
Our hand heat sealer is your solution!
It is easy to use, quick and efficient and takes up minimal space versus big packaging machinery.
It works on almost any bag by using heat to weld the two sides of plastic together. Choose from our high quality reclosable bags, open end layflat bags or poly tubing. Just put the product into the packaging option you chose and heat seal shut.
Aside from the professional appeal of this form of closure, it is also ideal for tamper evident packaging and food storage.
At such an affordable price you can begin packaging professionally today!

Pharmaceutical Bags / Medical Reclosable Bags

In simple terms biohazard substances means objects that may pose a potential risk to the health of humans, animals or the environment.
Bio hazardous material often originates from health care facilities and research laboratories.

Federal agencies and government legislations mandate the requirement of using biohazard bags to handle of biohazard content.
That’s where RoyalBag comes in!

We manufacture Medical Reclosable specimen transport bags. We currently stock 4 sizes in the Reclosable Transport Bags.
They are damp proof, moisture proof, and printed with the biohazard symbol in the front of the bag.
Depending on the quantity of bags, we can have the Biohazard Bags custom manufactured for your laboratory or health care facility according to your specifications. Contact us for details!

Another item which is commonly used in the pharmaceutical line is Refrigerate Zip Lock Bags. This is a new item to RoyalBag. They are zip lock bags printed with the words REFRIGERATE in bold blue to alert medical staff that contents require refrigeration. It’s an easy way to prevent mistakes that could lead to disaster.

Contact us for wholesale pricing on bulk Medical Zip Lock Bags!

Pharmaceutical Bags