Ziplock Bags – Food for Thought

Ziplock bags come in so many different sizes, it can get confusing trying to figure out the size that will fit your needs best.

Here is a short and simple list of sizes and their capacities:

Pint – 6×9
Quart – 7×8
½ Gallon – 8×10
Gallon – 8×10
2 Gallon – 13×15

The next time you are packing away food and want to portion it accurately, use this small list to help choose the right plastic bag size to accommodate you.

Here is some additional “food for thought”…

  • For freezing, 3 or 4 Mil plastic bags are standard and most recommended.
  • Large bags are great for mixing salads, kneading dough and just about anything else that can keep your fingers from getting sticky and counter tops from getting dirty! Throw the ingredients into the big bag, seal the ziplock shut and shake.
  • White-block bags are perfect for easy labeling the item and date when storing.
  • Store open snacks and open food packages in a reclosable bag to retain the freshness and keep them from spilling.
  • Our bags are food safe, they are USDA and FDA approved.
With endless sizes and uses, just use your creativity to find what will work for you!

Packaging for Apparel

A question we are often asked is, what bag would we suggest for packaging clothing?

Our Answer: There is no rule as to which bags are best for packaging attire. In our experience, though, the two most popular bag types for the t-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans are the Drawstring Bags and Reclosable Bags with Vent-Holes.

Not only are the drawstring bags an easy and comfortable way to carry the bags, the double pull keep the contents secure. Aside for clothing, they are great to be used as courtesy bags, manuals, work orders, retail packaging, samples, and more.

The Vent-Hole bags have a round ¼” hole beneath the seal. Its purpose is to allow air to escape from the bag. The merchandise is placed in the bag, sealed closed, and the enclosed air seeps out from the little hole. This way you can stack your products flat and not waste any space.

Like all our wholesale reclosable bags, the plastic drawstring bags and plastic vent-hole bags are both USDA & FDA approved.

Ask one of our sales representatives how you can have your bulk drawstring or vent-hole bags custom made or printed for the ultimate professional appeal!