Am I Allowed to Brag?

My mother often repeats the age-old adage, “If you have with what to back it up, it’s not called bragging!”

That said, I am pleased to share that RoyalBag has received top stars in:

  • On BizRate we are rated with a near perfect, 9.9 satisfactory rating!
  • A Google Trusted Store, with 99% issue-free orders and 99% on time shipping!
  • StellaService has approved us for outstanding in our customer support experience and shipping!

I love bragging about what a great company RoyalBag is! Our team works to ensure every customer knows they are valued and gets the most outstanding experience when ordering bags.

Now we know that it is not considered bragging because I am backing it up… using your feedback!
A very warm thank you to all our amazing customers for a great 2013 and looking forward to continuing in 2014!

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