Convenience in the Kitchen!

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Ziplock bags are undoubtedly one of the most practical and versatile items in your kitchen!

Aside for the well-known practice of storing snacks, here are 10 handy uses for various size ziplock bags in your kitchen:

  1. Mini Garbage Bag – Place a large ziplock bag inside a bowl and while working at the counter use the bowl as a handy trash pail for the egg shells and peels. Once you’re done, snap shut the bag’s seal and toss directly into your garbage pail.
  2. Toss Salad – Fun and simple way to get the dressing and salad entirely mixed is by tossing it in a strong sealed ziplock bag.
  3. Crushing food – No mess when you smash cookies, nuts or graham crackers sealed ziplock bag for a pie crust or a cake topping. (4 Mil thickness is recommended).
  4. Plastic bag in leaky vaseLeaky Vase – Your favorite vase is cracked and leaking. Toss it? Or not…. Line the vase with a plastic bag, fill it with water and add your flowers. (This may work better using the open-end poly bags.)
  5. Knead Dough – Position the dough in the ziplock bag (spray it with Pam first if it’s too sticky) seal it and then knead the dough, keeping your hands clean.
  6. Funnel – Snip the corner off a ziplock bag for easy liquid transfer into a narrow opening of a container or bottle.
  7. Storage – Once open, rice, cereals and grains can be stored in a ziplock bag. It prevents spilling and protection from crawling ants.
  8. Freeze Soups – By stacking ziplock bags rather than using bulky containers, you are definitely saving on space!
  9. Marinating – Combine the marinade ingredients, add your chicken, meat or fish and refrigerate. Mess free by using a handy ziplock bag!
  10. Pastry Bag – Fill a ziplock bag with frosting, trim the tip and use it to pipe out the frosting.
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30 thoughts on “Convenience in the Kitchen!

  1. My suggestion is to reuse your bags in your kitchen. We collect the ones coming back from sack lunches, Etc., and wash them in the evening with the dishes, and then hang them on a line hung by the window if there’s a lot, or just hung on the ends of the silverware in the dish drainer if it’s just a few.

  2. In the middle of painting, but afraid to set your brush down for fear it will dry out? Simply insert your paint brush into a Ziplock bag. You can put it brush side in and zip around the handle… or poke a small hole into the bottom of the bag for the brush handle and zip the brush closed. It’ll stay fresh for hours. In fact, if you need to leave it overnight, just tape up the bag opening with a little painter’s tape and it will stay fresh for days!

  3. Use a ziploc that fits in your shirt pocket for pills, cough drops, etc. that you may need during an airplane flight. Saves continually getting into your carry-on bag.

  4. I use the reclosable 6X6-inch bags for more than just sandwiches and snacks.

    Our family loves the low-fat Rice Krispies treats—but made at home. Spreading the marshmallow/Rice Krispies mixture evenly in the pan can be a sticky mess with spatulas of other spreading tools.

    To address this issue, I just place my hand inside an open 6X6-inch reclosable bag, spray the “palm” side of the bag with non-stick cooking spray and spread away! Toss the bag when finished and forget about sticky utensils to clean up. All of the mixture stays in the pan, too, with no waste! This is a great idea for my family with 4 sons who love all the Rice Krispies treats they can get—on a regular basis. Bye-bye mess!

  5. While outdoors taking pictures, I keep my camera around my neck. I always carry a ziplock bag with me in case it rains. If it starts raining, I just put the camera in the bag, closing it around the camera strap while it still hangs around my neck.

  6. Use ziplock bags for crust-coating meat: Simply place flour, corn meal, or bread crumbs with desired spices in the bag, then add the piece of meat to be coated; zip-lock the bag and shake vigorously until meat is completely covered. Then unzip-lock the bag and remove the coated meat. Repeat with additional pieces of meat. Bake or fry meat as desired.

  7. I would love to win the case of 6 x 6 clear sandwich bags. I use them to package my vehicle decals. they make a perfect fit for my 5inch decals. Since they are clear patrons can see the whole decal.

  8. For a simple hand sewing kit, sew several ziplock bags along the bottom between a fabric “cover” (like a book with the bags being the “pages”). Use a separate bag to store thread, needle threader & thimble, marking tools, scissors, trash, small patterns or templates, etc). Sew a piece of felt to the inside of the fabric cover to hold pins and needles. Voila!

  9. Make filled cookies!

    Place peanut butter, powdered sugar and a small amount of evaporated milk into a bag and zip securely, making certain to release as much air as possible. Knead bag to mix ingredients. When smooth and blended, cut end-corner of bag to form a pastry bag. Pipe onto a store bought (or homemade) cookie, and top with 2nd cookie. Easy for the kids to do!

  10. Smaller bags have a multitude of uses in a garage. Most of us have small nails, screws, bolts, grommets, rivets, washers, nuts, clips bungee cords..etc..etc..etc…in our garages or even in the house. Rather than buy expensive tool, screw, nail organizers, it is very simple to write on a zip lock bag the size..etc of an item, punch a hole in either the zipper or below it and hang them on designated pegs in the garage, house or office. before punching the hole a small strip of adhesive tape can be affixed to the outside of the zipper with information on it as an alternative

  11. Leave one bag in the purse and fill it with all the receipt of the day. or
    Use it to keep all the coupon you are going to use.

  12. Bikinis, I always have them together neatly in a drawer and if i go away i just pack the bag. I let the air out so it;s super thin

  13. handkerchiefs. i love silk handkerchiefs. i can fit about 4-6 in a bag, color code them so when i need one they are wrinkle free and neatly in my draw.

  14. When chopmeat goes on sale, buy the family size package and form individual 1/4 pound patties placing each patty into a 6 X 6 sandwich reclosable bag. Put all the filled sandwich bags into a large freezer reclosable bag and place in the freezer. Whenever you want to make just one hamburger or a few, pull out that amount ready to defrost and grill.

  15. Did something unflushable drop into the toilet? Turn a large ziploc bag inside out, grab the object with your hand in the bag, then carefully reverse the bag to normal, with the object still inside and seal the bag. You are ready to either dispose of the item or reclaim it (after disinfecting!)

  16. I always take a handful of sandwich bags with us on a family trip to the theme or water park. They are perfect for keeping things like phones, cameras, money, etc. dry on the water rides.

  17. When using a sealing machine to seal raw meat, the suction pulls the liquid out and up to the seal. This makes for a bad seal and dry meat. Put your meat in a ziplock bag first, (don’t seal it), and place into the sealing bag sideways. The juices stay in the meat and the air is successfully pulled out.

  18. If you got moisture into your cell phone take a ziplock bag fill with uncooked rice and place your phone in it. Keep the bag closed for at least 12 hours.

  19. Use them to organize that junk drawer that everyone has. Organize those batteries, chip clips, pencils/pens, etc… Makes it a lot easier to find things in that jungle!

  20. Going away with a family of kids? pack each set of clothes separately per kid/per day.

    Use it to layer food in pans. Put one or two bags in between each layer of food – easier than saran wrap which is harder to work with and doesn’t stay in place easily.

  21. LOVE the sandwich bags! In addition to all the kitchen uses, they’re perfect for organizing and storing the threads and fibers I use for needlework. After labeling the bags with a Sharpie, I line up the bags in plastic shoeboxes and can easily find whatever I need. They’re also super for keeping my needlework tools – needles, embroidery scissors, tacks, laying tools, small ruler, magnets/needle minders together and organized for taking to workshops and seminars. Unlike regular supermarket sandwich bags, these are sturdier and hold up extremely well (especially when storing and toting scissors). What can I say except I LOVE these bags!!

  22. Zip lock bags are not only for the kitchen! I use them as deodorizers. Just punch holes in the bags, fill with cedar chips and place in closets; fill with potpourri and put in dresser drawers. Quick and easy and not expensive.

  23. I use sandwich bags to hold individual craft & miniature basket kits for classes I teach. When we travel, I bag daily food for our dog. Sandwich bags make good little pastry bags by snipping a corner and twisting the bag as you go.

    You can also create first aid kits using small bags. I stack them, 3 going left and 3 going right. Overlap the bottoms about a half inch and sew them across the center of a rectangular pot holder. Fold the pot holder in half and sew a button on the non-loop side so the loop becomes a closure. Fill with band-aids, alcohol wipes, single pack medicines like Tylenol, Pepto and Immodium, swabs, safety pins, etc. These have been a hit as gifts for car or suitcase.

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