It’s fishing season!


The countdown to summer has begun! Days are longer, weather is getting warmer. Now you can walk out with bare feet, the air thick with the smell of lilies and cut grass, while listening to the chirping in the slight breeze.

It’s the season for fishing!

Fishing is relaxing and fun. You don’t actually have to catch any but of course it’s more exciting when you do. And the bigger the better!

Some use natural baits; alive or dead, others use colorful lures. Ask your local tackle and bait shop for help in which works better in your area and what the local regulations are.

I don’t fish often but I will share with you two tips I learnt:

  • Hook the leeches on by their tails. That way they won’t curl up on the hook.
  • Find a little island or an area of weed growth and fish there. Those areas are usually calmer and schools of fish congregate close by.

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Q: How do you communicate with a fish?

A: Drop it a line! 

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