Have you been on our updated site yet?

It’s been a long labor of love, and we are delighted to reveal the improved RoyalBag.com!

We’ve come a long way since our website launched in 1999. The bearing is still the same; however the semblance is fresh and revamped.

5 improvements on RoyalBag.com that I am excited about!

  1. Hold onto your hats! The pages load uber fast.
  2. The checkout process is simpler and easier to navigate through the options.
  3. We simplified our content and enhanced the visibility of available quantities in the product lists.
  4. Smart searching and filters that narrows your process to find the right bag you need.
  5. Track your order status and watch as the shipment process occurs.

Your priorities are our priorities! Every suggestion and comment you contributed was deliberated and changes were made accordingly.

And it’s not over; there are still more exciting revisions in the works!

I invite you all to take a look through our improved site, share with your friends and colleagues and connect with us on social media. Your comments are the energy of our web team, please keep them coming!

One thought on “Have you been on our updated site yet?

  1. I’m highly impressed with the revised website. Your designer is multi talented. My order was processed very efficiently and the tracking system was a real pleasure.

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