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Aaron: To an amazing new year

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Hurricane Sandy Update

This picture was taken 19 miles from our warehouse

After 2 weeks without electricity we are pleased to inform our valued customers that this weekend we finally (!!!) received power back at our warehouse!
At long last, we are able to ship the orders that were placed from October 27th until now.

Thank you for your emails and calls with your support and concerns.
We are very grateful that our warehouse was not flooded and that merchandise did not get ruined or damaged.

Your patience and understanding was greatly appreciated throughout this crisis.

Big and Small Plastic bags – for a More Organized Scrapbooking Experience

Scrapbooking is lots of fun, but when things get unorganized and messy it makes it difficult to work.
That’s where our plastic bags come into play.
Our ziplock reclosable bags helps you keep all your papers, cropping tools, stickers, embellishments and all other paraphernalia neat and orderly. Our numerous scrapbooking customers can attest that our bags are the perfect solution. There are so many bag sizes to choose from that you are bound to find the perfect size bag for the buttons, flowers, markers, etc.
The clear bags allow you to see what is inside the bag while the white write-on bags are for labeling the materials that are similar.
Our high quality zipper closure keeps your supplies secure while allowing easy opening and closing.

Use our 13×13 reclosable bags for the scrapbooking paper and our combo packs for everything else.

We are your source to a neater more fun and organized scrapbooking experience!
Have fun!

Not finding the bags you’re searching for?

Not finding what you are searching for?

Spelling mistakes and incorrect terms are all too common and can lead to customers having a hard time finding the product they are looking for.
Your search may have included a misspelled word, a typographical error or an incorrect bag term!

Here are some common mistakes we find:

Reclosable Bags
Recloseable, seal closeure bags, Ziploc, zip-loc, ziplock, and zip-lock, Mill, ML, easy open/close bags, press and seal, press n seal, storage bags, Ziploc storge bags, zip handle bags, food bags, polybag, zzip lock, reclosabe bags, side zip, food grade, frozen, zipper close, zip lock big bags, oversize reclosable bags, resealable bags, heat sealed bags, one zip hefty bags, ziplock baggie, mini bags

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Amber Bags
U/V, uv , u/v, ultra-violet, Ultra-Violet, UV, pharmacutical bags, pharmeceutical bags, pharmiceutical bags, ultraviolet light

Some other typographical errors we see:
bio-hazard bags, antistatic bags, customized plastic bags, clear poly maler, recycled bag, coloured bags, with white window, bags with white box

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the search box, try the side panel navigation or contact us via email at sales@royalbag.com or via phone at 718-686-1120.

Ziplock Bags – Food for Thought

Ziplock bags come in so many different sizes, it can get confusing trying to figure out the size that will fit your needs best.

Here is a short and simple list of sizes and their capacities:

Pint – 6×9
Quart – 7×8
½ Gallon – 8×10
Gallon – 8×10
2 Gallon – 13×15

The next time you are packing away food and want to portion it accurately, use this small list to help choose the right plastic bag size to accommodate you.

Here is some additional “food for thought”…

  • For freezing, 3 or 4 Mil plastic bags are standard and most recommended.
  • Large bags are great for mixing salads, kneading dough and just about anything else that can keep your fingers from getting sticky and counter tops from getting dirty! Throw the ingredients into the big bag, seal the ziplock shut and shake.
  • White-block bags are perfect for easy labeling the item and date when storing.
  • Store open snacks and open food packages in a reclosable bag to retain the freshness and keep them from spilling.
  • Our bags are food safe, they are USDA and FDA approved.
With endless sizes and uses, just use your creativity to find what will work for you!

Packaging for Apparel

A question we are often asked is, what bag would we suggest for packaging clothing?

Our Answer: There is no rule as to which bags are best for packaging attire. In our experience, though, the two most popular bag types for the t-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans are the Drawstring Bags and Reclosable Bags with Vent-Holes.

Not only are the drawstring bags an easy and comfortable way to carry the bags, the double pull keep the contents secure. Aside for clothing, they are great to be used as courtesy bags, manuals, work orders, retail packaging, samples, and more.

The Vent-Hole bags have a round ¼” hole beneath the seal. Its purpose is to allow air to escape from the bag. The merchandise is placed in the bag, sealed closed, and the enclosed air seeps out from the little hole. This way you can stack your products flat and not waste any space.

Like all our wholesale reclosable bags, the plastic drawstring bags and plastic vent-hole bags are both USDA & FDA approved.

Ask one of our sales representatives how you can have your bulk drawstring or vent-hole bags custom made or printed for the ultimate professional appeal!


Heat Sealing Machine

Are you looking for a simple way to professionally package your items?
Our hand heat sealer is your solution!
It is easy to use, quick and efficient and takes up minimal space versus big packaging machinery.
It works on almost any bag by using heat to weld the two sides of plastic together. Choose from our high quality reclosable bags, open end layflat bags or poly tubing. Just put the product into the packaging option you chose and heat seal shut.
Aside from the professional appeal of this form of closure, it is also ideal for tamper evident packaging and food storage.
At such an affordable price you can begin packaging professionally today!

Bubble Zip Lock Bags – Bulk

Do you ship delicate or fragile items? Or anything that needs more protection during shipping?
We have a quick and efficient packaging solution!

Our bubble reclosable bags are padded and will cushion fragile products with thick duty bubble between two layers of heavy polyethylene bags.
Simply open the bag, insert your product and zip shut. Simple as that!
No unrolling rolls of bubble wrap, cutting to the right size, taping shut on all sides or any of that hassle. As an added bonus, bubble bags are more economical than bubble wrap.
Simply find the right size that works for you and you will save yourself time, money, and labor. Order in bulk bubble zip-lock bags and save even more…
How easy is that?!


Discounted Reclosable Plastic Bags

Do you have a large order to fill and looking for discounted rates on plastic bags?
You found the right place!

As a wholesaler, RoyalBag is in the business of supplying resellers and large end users with  the best high quality cheap reclosable bags.

We are geared towards dealing with bulk ordering and providing low prices everyday.
Found a better price elsewhere on reclosable bags?
We will meet or beat any advertised price.
Our cheap pricing on ziplock bags does not compromise our high quality zipper seal and allows consumers to reuse the bag. The bags are easy to open, making the workflow smoother and more efficient. This means that not only do you save on packaging costs; you save on labor costs as well.
Bottom line – by buying plastic bags from RoyalBag.com you $ave!

As a wholesaler, RoyalBag is in the business of supplying resellers and large end users with the best high quality cheap plastic reclosable bags