Have you been on our updated site yet?

It’s been a long labor of love, and we are delighted to reveal the improved RoyalBag.com!

We’ve come a long way since our website launched in 1999. The bearing is still the same; however the semblance is fresh and revamped.

5 improvements on RoyalBag.com that I am excited about!

  1. Hold onto your hats! The pages load uber fast.
  2. The checkout process is simpler and easier to navigate through the options.
  3. We simplified our content and enhanced the visibility of available quantities in the product lists.
  4. Smart searching and filters that narrows your process to find the right bag you need.
  5. Track your order status and watch as the shipment process occurs.

Your priorities are our priorities! Every suggestion and comment you contributed was deliberated and changes were made accordingly.

And it’s not over; there are still more exciting revisions in the works!

I invite you all to take a look through our improved site, share with your friends and colleagues and connect with us on social media. Your comments are the energy of our web team, please keep them coming!

July 4 sale!

Royalbag is giving you an additional reason to shoot those fireworks on Independence Day!!

For the week of July 4th, starting on Sunday, July 3rd thru Saturday, July 9th, enter Coupon Code JF2016 to get an additional 10% discount on any online order!
Happy Holiday!!

It’s fishing season!


The countdown to summer has begun! Days are longer, weather is getting warmer. Now you can walk out with bare feet, the air thick with the smell of lilies and cut grass, while listening to the chirping in the slight breeze.

It’s the season for fishing!

Fishing is relaxing and fun. You don’t actually have to catch any but of course it’s more exciting when you do. And the bigger the better!

Some use natural baits; alive or dead, others use colorful lures. Ask your local tackle and bait shop for help in which works better in your area and what the local regulations are.

I don’t fish often but I will share with you two tips I learnt:

  • Hook the leeches on by their tails. That way they won’t curl up on the hook.
  • Find a little island or an area of weed growth and fish there. Those areas are usually calmer and schools of fish congregate close by.

For the proper ziplock bags to pack the tackles, baits and lures, RoyalBag is the place to shop! A large selection is available; newest additions are 2.5 X 4 and 2.5 X 5, 2 Mil.

Get updated! Many tackle and bait shops are having the bags customized with printing. Email us to get your quote today.

Q: How do you communicate with a fish?

A: Drop it a line! 

Happy New Year!


Wishing you a year filled with picture perfect moments.


The Royal Bag team

Aaron: To an amazing new year

Debby: Joyous Holiday

Renee: Peace Out! XOXO

Riki: Seasons Greetings

Gitty: Cheers to a great 2016!

Rose: Looking forward to a better, kinder world in 2016!

Sara: Time for the champagne! Happy New Year!

Mark: Warm Wishes

Mordy: The best is yet to come

Izzy: Peace, Joy and Love to You!

Dovi: 2016..Bring on the partyworks!!!

Cleveland: Don’t drink too much 🙂

An interview with a military veteran

Veterans Day

RoyalBag is privileged and honored to have Cleveland Dainty, a military veteran, working on our team!

Cleveland took the time to share some of his perspectives as a veteran with our readers:

R: How long ago were you part of the military and for how long?
C: I spent over 6 years in the military, and have been home for the last 12 years. Both my little brother and sister are in the US Navy.
R: Where were you stationed?
C: I was stationed mostly in Saudi Arabia.
R: What perspective did you gain from being stationed overseas?
C: We are so lucky to be living in the greatest country on earth!
This country allows everyone to be truly free; freedom of speech, no rights are denied. All this is what allows businesses to grow and prosper.
R: What aspect of the army surprised you?
C: The military is more political than I expected. However, at the end of the day, when we are dressed in green, the soldiers would die for each other.
R: Would you say that joining the military is for everyone?
C: It’s not for everyone. It’s about dedication. About servicing and protecting your country. Some join for the wrong reasons. I was born in Guyana South America, yet, serving this country is something I did for myself and for my fellow Americans.
R: Do you still own your army uniform?
C: No, it was stolen together with my photos.
R: That’s terrible!
Would you say that the average American appreciates our troops as much as we should?
C: Absolutely not! That’s because the average American has no idea how much soldiers sacrifice.
R: Do you find that your army experience has affected your life today?
C: You are who you are and the military doesn’t really change you. However, it does teach you responsibility and accountability; important characteristics working in a busy warehouse!
Plus, when things get stressful, you do what soldiers do- you overcome!
R: Any last thoughts that you want to share?
C: Love your fellow man- that’s the most important thing and my life’s motto!

A big thank you to Cleveland and all esteemed war veterans for your service to our country and keeping us safe!

Am I Allowed to Brag?

My mother often repeats the age-old adage, “If you have with what to back it up, it’s not called bragging!”

That said, I am pleased to share that RoyalBag has received top stars in:

  • On BizRate we are rated with a near perfect, 9.9 satisfactory rating!
  • A Google Trusted Store, with 99% issue-free orders and 99% on time shipping!
  • StellaService has approved us for outstanding in our customer support experience and shipping!

I love bragging about what a great company RoyalBag is! Our team works to ensure every customer knows they are valued and gets the most outstanding experience when ordering bags.

Now we know that it is not considered bragging because I am backing it up… using your feedback!
A very warm thank you to all our amazing customers for a great 2013 and looking forward to continuing in 2014!