Ziplock Bags – Food for Thought

Ziplock bags come in so many different sizes, it can get confusing trying to figure out the size that will fit your needs best.

Here is a short and simple list of sizes and their capacities:

Pint – 6×9
Quart – 7×8
½ Gallon – 8×10
Gallon – 8×10
2 Gallon – 13×15

The next time you are packing away food and want to portion it accurately, use this small list to help choose the right plastic bag size to accommodate you.

Here is some additional “food for thought”…

  • For freezing, 3 or 4 Mil plastic bags are standard and most recommended.
  • Large bags are great for mixing salads, kneading dough and just about anything else that can keep your fingers from getting sticky and counter tops from getting dirty! Throw the ingredients into the big bag, seal the ziplock shut and shake.
  • White-block bags are perfect for easy labeling the item and date when storing.
  • Store open snacks and open food packages in a reclosable bag to retain the freshness and keep them from spilling.
  • Our bags are food safe, they are USDA and FDA approved.
With endless sizes and uses, just use your creativity to find what will work for you!

Packaging for Apparel

A question we are often asked is, what bag would we suggest for packaging clothing?

Our Answer: There is no rule as to which bags are best for packaging attire. In our experience, though, the two most popular bag types for the t-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans are the Drawstring Bags and Reclosable Bags with Vent-Holes.

Not only are the drawstring bags an easy and comfortable way to carry the bags, the double pull keep the contents secure. Aside for clothing, they are great to be used as courtesy bags, manuals, work orders, retail packaging, samples, and more.

The Vent-Hole bags have a round ¼” hole beneath the seal. Its purpose is to allow air to escape from the bag. The merchandise is placed in the bag, sealed closed, and the enclosed air seeps out from the little hole. This way you can stack your products flat and not waste any space.

Like all our wholesale reclosable bags, the plastic drawstring bags and plastic vent-hole bags are both USDA & FDA approved.

Ask one of our sales representatives how you can have your bulk drawstring or vent-hole bags custom made or printed for the ultimate professional appeal!


Pharmaceutical Bags / Medical Reclosable Bags

In simple terms biohazard substances means objects that may pose a potential risk to the health of humans, animals or the environment.
Bio hazardous material often originates from health care facilities and research laboratories.

Federal agencies and government legislations mandate the requirement of using biohazard bags to handle of biohazard content.
That’s where RoyalBag comes in!

We manufacture Medical Reclosable specimen transport bags. We currently stock 4 sizes in the Reclosable Transport Bags.
They are damp proof, moisture proof, and printed with the biohazard symbol in the front of the bag.
Depending on the quantity of bags, we can have the Biohazard Bags custom manufactured for your laboratory or health care facility according to your specifications. Contact us for details!

Another item which is commonly used in the pharmaceutical line is Refrigerate Zip Lock Bags. This is a new item to RoyalBag. They are zip lock bags printed with the words REFRIGERATE in bold blue to alert medical staff that contents require refrigeration. It’s an easy way to prevent mistakes that could lead to disaster.

Contact us for wholesale pricing on bulk Medical Zip Lock Bags!

Pharmaceutical Bags

Pink Anti-Static Bags – It’s not just for the color!

You would be amazed at the percentage of customers that purchase bulk anti-static bags for the pink color only!

The actual use for the bag is to shield components that are susceptible to damage caused by electrostatic discharge. The bag safeguards from static build-up keeping your products safe for transporting.

Our stock anti-static bags are an attractive pink color which helps differentiate from the regular wholesale plastic ziplock bags. These protective bags are available in a variety of sizes for your electronic packaging. We currently stock the bags with a resealable closure and will soon be adding open end anti-static bags to our inventory.

pink anti static ziplock bag

Display Your Beads and Small Jewelry in small Zip Lock Bags

  • Ziplock bags are easier to package than open ended bags with header cards.
  • No heat sealing to close, just zip ‘em shut!
  • Use our bags that come pre-punched with hang hole to hang the bags from wall hooks.
  • Small size zip lock bags are perfect for beads and small jewelry.
  • Discounted cheap pricing on all our zip-lock bags to keep your packaging costs down and your profits up!

Slider Reclosable Bags

Without a doubt, the reclosable zip lock bags that are easiest to use are Slider Reclosable Bags.
They are so simple to handle, even gloves don’t hamper the effortlessness of opening and closing a slider zip-lock bag.

Slider bags are real time-savers for large quantity bag-filling operations. These bags are the perfect option for laboratories, food service, educational centers (kids find the zipper very easy to use!) and various kits.

In addition, they enhance the image of your products and make goods appear crisp and professional. And because you want your products to stand out, we can custom make a colored slider seal for a minimum of 25,000 bags. Just ask for a quote!

As with all our stock, these slider plastic bags are USDA and FDA approved.

Here is a short video of how to open and close slider ziplock bags:

Bubble Zip Lock Bags – Bulk

Do you ship delicate or fragile items? Or anything that needs more protection during shipping?
We have a quick and efficient packaging solution!

Our bubble reclosable bags are padded and will cushion fragile products with thick duty bubble between two layers of heavy polyethylene bags.
Simply open the bag, insert your product and zip shut. Simple as that!
No unrolling rolls of bubble wrap, cutting to the right size, taping shut on all sides or any of that hassle. As an added bonus, bubble bags are more economical than bubble wrap.
Simply find the right size that works for you and you will save yourself time, money, and labor. Order in bulk bubble zip-lock bags and save even more…
How easy is that?!


Printed & Customized Reclosable Bags

Poly bags are a great form of advertisement. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t!
Many companies print their logos and names on our plastic bags since not only does it give their products a professional guise, it is also a clever way of advertising!
Bags travel far and when the company name is on it, the publicity goes along. Reclosable plastic bags are used and reused so this form of advertising is definitely long term.
And what’s more, printed poly mailers are the ideal brand promotion. They create an enthusiasm for the products from the minute the customer receives the package!

Various forms of identification that are splashed across the poly bags are:

Warnings and instructions,
Slogans and designs
Ingredients and directions
pictures and more!

…all depending on which industry is using the bags.
Whether you use the ziplock bags for packaging, at trade shows or to ship products in, use the bag and poly mailer to indicate your company’s message.

We offer many custom manufacturing capabilities including pouches, compartments, perforations and 6 color double sided printing on polythelyne bags..
Standard minimums are 25,000 but we can hot-stamp print our stock bags for only 1,000 bag minimum.
What are you waiting for? Contact our team for a custom quote today!

Spring Savings on Zip Lock Bags

If you were to choose a color that comes to mind when thinking of the Spring, the color would be green. Green is the color of freshly sprouting, sweet smelling, grass and trees.

One thing is for sure, you don’t have to be a gardener or nature lover to appreciate saving greens, here is a great opportunity!
Place your order today on our website at and for as low as $25.00, enter SG2012 in the coupon code box and you will receive 5% off your order! Coupon expires March 31, 2012.  Coupon valid for unlimited amount of orders!

To get you fully into the spring season, stock up on some of our green and other colored reclosable bags.
The colored bags are also great for item differentiation and to color code products.

When you’re done with your planting don’t forget to store your leftover seeds in our clear zip lock bags for the next season! Our ziplock bags come in many different sizes and in various thicknesses. Choose the one that works best for you!

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