Back to school tips

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5 Strategies on Your Child’s First Day Back at School

  • Most important- your child needs a full night of sleep the night before school.
  • Lay out your child’s clothing the night before, complete with shoes and hair accessories.
  • Prepare all supplies, lunch box and knapsack at least a day in advance.
  • Make sure your child knows their method of transportation clearly.
  • Positive attitude! If you are enthusiastic your child will also look forward to their school experience.

When September arrives, I try to be organized and stock up on enough supplies to last the entire school year. I have two daughters in grade school and they both guzzle their supplies at an unbelievable rate.

I tend to find great deals on bulk packs of pencils, glue sticks, paper and erasers at big supply chain stores like Walmart, Staples and Target.

The problem begins a few months into school when my daughters need to replace their lost markers and rulers. At that point, I have no idea where to find the extra ones are and I usually end up going out to buy new supplies again.

That problem was quickly resolved once I chanced upon the idea of using ziplock bags to organize all my surplus supplies.

Now when November rolls around and my daughter asks me for more pencils and glue, I know exactly where to find them! Plus, by storing the supplies in clear ziplock bags, I see exactly how many pieces are left to last thru June.

Combo Pack 3 is probably best for the variety of sizes:
The smaller bag sizes fit erasers and sharpeners, the medium size bags are for glue sticks and scissors and the larger size bags are for notebooks and pencil cases. You will love how organized and easy it is to keep your school supplies handy and systematized!

Share the handy ways you use zip lock bags during the school year. I love learning from the feedback of our readers!

Convenience in the Kitchen!

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Ziplock bags are undoubtedly one of the most practical and versatile items in your kitchen!

Aside for the well-known practice of storing snacks, here are 10 handy uses for various size ziplock bags in your kitchen:

  1. Mini Garbage Bag – Place a large ziplock bag inside a bowl and while working at the counter use the bowl as a handy trash pail for the egg shells and peels. Once you’re done, snap shut the bag’s seal and toss directly into your garbage pail.
  2. Toss Salad – Fun and simple way to get the dressing and salad entirely mixed is by tossing it in a strong sealed ziplock bag.
  3. Crushing food – No mess when you smash cookies, nuts or graham crackers sealed ziplock bag for a pie crust or a cake topping. (4 Mil thickness is recommended).
  4. Plastic bag in leaky vaseLeaky Vase – Your favorite vase is cracked and leaking. Toss it? Or not…. Line the vase with a plastic bag, fill it with water and add your flowers. (This may work better using the open-end poly bags.)
  5. Knead Dough – Position the dough in the ziplock bag (spray it with Pam first if it’s too sticky) seal it and then knead the dough, keeping your hands clean.
  6. Funnel – Snip the corner off a ziplock bag for easy liquid transfer into a narrow opening of a container or bottle.
  7. Storage – Once open, rice, cereals and grains can be stored in a ziplock bag. It prevents spilling and protection from crawling ants.
  8. Freeze Soups – By stacking ziplock bags rather than using bulky containers, you are definitely saving on space!
  9. Marinating – Combine the marinade ingredients, add your chicken, meat or fish and refrigerate. Mess free by using a handy ziplock bag!
  10. Pastry Bag – Fill a ziplock bag with frosting, trim the tip and use it to pipe out the frosting.
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Am I Allowed to Brag?

My mother often repeats the age-old adage, “If you have with what to back it up, it’s not called bragging!”

That said, I am pleased to share that RoyalBag has received top stars in:

  • On BizRate we are rated with a near perfect, 9.9 satisfactory rating!
  • A Google Trusted Store, with 99% issue-free orders and 99% on time shipping!
  • StellaService has approved us for outstanding in our customer support experience and shipping!

I love bragging about what a great company RoyalBag is! Our team works to ensure every customer knows they are valued and gets the most outstanding experience when ordering bags.

Now we know that it is not considered bragging because I am backing it up… using your feedback!
A very warm thank you to all our amazing customers for a great 2013 and looking forward to continuing in 2014!

In Dialogue with TonerRefillKits

Would you ever consider buying a new car when the one you drive now runs out of gas?

That’s preposterous!

Well… instead of always buying new toner for your printer, you can simply purchase a toner refill kit – exactly as you would refill your car with gas when it runs out!, is a long time valued customer of ours, who pioneered this industry, saving their customers up to 70% compared to the average office supplier!

Their customer service is incredible and website is user friendly.

When the company first kicked off, they considered using boxes to package the refill kits but found our poly bags were a much better choice. Aside from the money savings, another strong consideration for using clear poly bags is that their consumers appreciate being able to see all the components that are included in the kit without opening the packaging.

                     Flat Poly Bag                                          Ziplock Bag

TonerRefillKits is pleased with the consistency of RoyalBag’s plastic bags, the ease of online ordering and receiving email tracking information.

To quote Oscar “We couldn’t do it without you!”

Based on an interview with Oscar S; manager at TonerRefillKits.

Ziplock Bags Against Flies?!

I recently had some family over for a BBQ and had some unexpected guests join us.

Flies…. and lots of them!

I tried hard to keep my cool as these little pests worked at spoiling my BBQ. I asked my friends for any tips on keeping flies away for future get-togethers.

One guest stunned me with his suggestion – Fill ziplock bags with water and a couple of pennies and hang them around the area!

I was intrigued. As soon as the mess was cleared away, I sat down at my computer to verify this and landed at and Here’s what I found:

The short of it; experts and amateurs are split on this.

Many restaurant owners will share success stories on how hanging water-filled plastic bags from the ceiling kept the droves of flies away.  Several insist on adding a single penny to the polybag, some say a handful and yet others say pennies are unnecessary.

How does it work? There are those that claim the insects fly away at the site of their magnified reflection or that the insects perceive the bag to be a body of water.

What is puzzling about the above explanations is that there is no lack of flies at lakes and ponds. This means that water doesn’t scare the flies away. Neither does their reflection scare them off as you can find the creatures on mirrors and glass too.

Yet most explain that houseflies have very sensitive eyes and the plastic bag filled with water alters the course of light shining at it and confuses the insect.

Science hasn’t yet proven either way if this method of hanging water from polybags actually works. Regardless, you will still find bags filled with water hanging in restaurants and in backyard patios across the globe.

For my next party, I plan on stringing some Hang Hole Zip Lock Bags on twine and hanging them around the area.
I wonder what will happen….

Split Bags – How do you use them?

The very first time we manufactured the 4×4 split compartment bags was for a large jewelry manufacturer. They began using one split ziplock bag in place of two smaller standard ziplock bags.

Their production team loved it!

Aside for saving half the time in packaging, it made it so simple to keep pairs together!


We began bringing in more and more of these high quality reclosable bags and our customer’s feedback kept on rolling in!

Across the board, our customers recognized how resourceful these bags are!

Most jewelry manufacturers are using them for earrings, some for cufflinks and others put in a pendant in one compartment and its chain in the other.

These bags have been designed for the jewelry industry but they are definitely not limited only to them.

Order a case today, and let us know how YOU use the reclosable split compartment bags!