Back to school tips

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5 Strategies on Your Child’s First Day Back at School

  • Most important- your child needs a full night of sleep the night before school.
  • Lay out your child’s clothing the night before, complete with shoes and hair accessories.
  • Prepare all supplies, lunch box and knapsack at least a day in advance.
  • Make sure your child knows their method of transportation clearly.
  • Positive attitude! If you are enthusiastic your child will also look forward to their school experience.

When September arrives, I try to be organized and stock up on enough supplies to last the entire school year. I have two daughters in grade school and they both guzzle their supplies at an unbelievable rate.

I tend to find great deals on bulk packs of pencils, glue sticks, paper and erasers at big supply chain stores like Walmart, Staples and Target.

The problem begins a few months into school when my daughters need to replace their lost markers and rulers. At that point, I have no idea where to find the extra ones are and I usually end up going out to buy new supplies again.

That problem was quickly resolved once I chanced upon the idea of using ziplock bags to organize all my surplus supplies.

Now when November rolls around and my daughter asks me for more pencils and glue, I know exactly where to find them! Plus, by storing the supplies in clear ziplock bags, I see exactly how many pieces are left to last thru June.

Combo Pack 3 is probably best for the variety of sizes:
The smaller bag sizes fit erasers and sharpeners, the medium size bags are for glue sticks and scissors and the larger size bags are for notebooks and pencil cases. You will love how organized and easy it is to keep your school supplies handy and systematized!

Share the handy ways you use zip lock bags during the school year. I love learning from the feedback of our readers!