An interview with a military veteran

Veterans Day

RoyalBag is privileged and honored to have Cleveland Dainty, a military veteran, working on our team!

Cleveland took the time to share some of his perspectives as a veteran with our readers:

R: How long ago were you part of the military and for how long?
C: I spent over 6 years in the military, and have been home for the last 12 years. Both my little brother and sister are in the US Navy.
R: Where were you stationed?
C: I was stationed mostly in Saudi Arabia.
R: What perspective did you gain from being stationed overseas?
C: We are so lucky to be living in the greatest country on earth!
This country allows everyone to be truly free; freedom of speech, no rights are denied. All this is what allows businesses to grow and prosper.
R: What aspect of the army surprised you?
C: The military is more political than I expected. However, at the end of the day, when we are dressed in green, the soldiers would die for each other.
R: Would you say that joining the military is for everyone?
C: It’s not for everyone. It’s about dedication. About servicing and protecting your country. Some join for the wrong reasons. I was born in Guyana South America, yet, serving this country is something I did for myself and for my fellow Americans.
R: Do you still own your army uniform?
C: No, it was stolen together with my photos.
R: That’s terrible!
Would you say that the average American appreciates our troops as much as we should?
C: Absolutely not! That’s because the average American has no idea how much soldiers sacrifice.
R: Do you find that your army experience has affected your life today?
C: You are who you are and the military doesn’t really change you. However, it does teach you responsibility and accountability; important characteristics working in a busy warehouse!
Plus, when things get stressful, you do what soldiers do- you overcome!
R: Any last thoughts that you want to share?
C: Love your fellow man- that’s the most important thing and my life’s motto!

A big thank you to Cleveland and all esteemed war veterans for your service to our country and keeping us safe!

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